Range of Services


To enhance impact, training should focus on intensive practical assignments.From a solid theoretical base, all training measures offered here focus exclusively on their practical application in order to ensure a sustainable training impact.

All seminars designed and conducted by Klaus Lassert or his associates therefore stand out due to the following three qualities:

  • High intensity: All participants engage in intensive practical assignments during the seminar, which require putting newly acquired techniques into practice and receiving hands-on feedback.
  • High adaptability: Based on a tailor-made concept, the course of the seminar is adapted continuously to participants’ needs as they arise during the exercises, thus, ensuring a maximal learning effect.
  • High transferability: All seminars are geared towards reflecting the participants’ professional environment as best as possible and on request, can be combined with effective “into-the-job” measures, thus, ensuring a sustainable transfer effect as well as a maximum ROI.


Individual topics call for individual measures - and sometimes confidentiality. In order to achieve a sustained personal development, systemic one-on-one coaching is a highly effective method to successfully address individual challenges at work and find the right strategy in ambiguous (interpersonal) situations.

Successful coaching requires a working relationship between coach and the person being coached and is based on respect and trust. The process of coaching evolves entirely from the coachee’s needs and goals and requires identifying suitable methods.

Klaus Lassert offers customised and intensive coaching, applying a broad range of approved methods. He has gained many years of experience as a coach with clients from all over the world. His objective is to push you gently but effectively to your limit to achieve the necessary change.


Precise assessment makes personnel development more effective. Identifying development needs and measuring the progress towards a stipulated goal enables you to allocate your training and coaching resources with maximal efficiency.

Together with his associates, Klaus Lassert offers a thorough analysis of development needs, thereby employing various substantiated diagnosis procedures, such as online 360°-questionnaires, service quality sampling and scientifically-based “off-the-job” assessments.